Angus Wright’s costume – ‘The Vault of Secrets’ (2010)

Mr Dread_The Vault of SecretsThe mysterious character ‘Mr Dread’, played by Angus Wright, appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures series 4 story, ‘The Vault of Secrets‘. An android, with a left hand that could be removed and replaced by a weapon capable of incineration, he was an instrument of ‘the Alliance of Shades’, an alien initiative designed to prevent human beings from becoming aware of extra-terrestrial life by wiping their memories.

Shots of ‘Mr Dread’ in this costume also appeared in the title sequence for series 4.

Our collection possesses not one but TWO identical black two-piece Hugo Boss black wool suits used during the filming of the episode. To complete the look the costume includes two white cotton ‘Marks & Spencer’ shirts, a black tie and two pairs of knotted black cufflinks together with a pair of black ‘Marks & Spencer’ leather boots and a belt. The costume came with original BBC stock number labels but also in one of the pockets we found a tissue!

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