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Freema Agyeman’s costume (Last of the Time Lords, 2007)


This costume was featured in the series finale episode Last of the Time Lords which saw Martha Jones become the lead character with the Doctor neutralised by the Master. It was worn throughout the episode, including when Martha’s boat arrives back in the UK which was filmed on Barry Island beach, Whitmore Bay, Barry Island on 12th March 2007.


It is a simple costume consisting of a black suede effect military style ‘All Saints’ jacket, a pair of black ‘Dorothy Perkins’ combat trousers anda purple elasticated cotton vest top.


This is one of the rare occasions where a costume is also available in action figure form! Only two 5inch action figures of Martha Jones were made, the first in her traditional red leather jacket and jeans and the second in this costume.

Varsh’s dagger – ‘Full Circle’ (1980)


From the original run of Doctor Who on television from 1963-1989, this original prop was used by actor Richard Willis, who played Varsh. It is most easily identifiable in the scene which begins with Varsh ‘sharpening’ his knife, despite it being made of wood. The wire wrapped around the handle, which is also wood, however is metal.

It is nice to have such an item in the collection that is now 35 years old!

Giant Speaker prop – The Runaway Bride (2006)

Speaker_The Runaway Bride

This original, screen used giant speaker prop was used in the 2006 Christmas special ‘The Runaway Bride‘ and can be clearly seen in the foreground of the scene where the Doctor utilises the sound system and his sonic screwdriver against the robot Santa’s.

It is indeed giant, measuring 48 inches (128cm) wide, 72 inches (184cm) high and 36 inches (92cm) deep! As a result it wouldn’t even fit through a front door and so is in storage!

Replica 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

This is a replica of the sonic screwdriver prop used by 10th Doctor David Tennant. Made from the original moulds by Millennium FX, who provided items for the show’s production, it has the same weight and feel of the original props.



The colourisation on the crackle effect is slightly more yellow than those used on screen. However, for the 50th anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor‘ it was one of these prop replicas which was used during the production. This makes this particular prop 100% screen accurate and from the same production run as that used on screen during the biggest episode in the show’s history.

Freema Agyeman’s costume (Human Nature/Family of Blood, 2007)


Also included in the collection is Freema’s gloves, bag and boots, all used during the course of filming. It is rare to get a costume as complete as this one with all the appropriate accessories from the same episode.


The story is widely regarded as one of the best stories of the modern era, coming 9th out of 241 in Doctor Who Magazine’s 2014 vote, so it is with real pride that we can display this original piece from such a popular episode.

Freema Agyeman’s costume (Human Nature/Family of Blood, 2007)


Freema’s maid costume, original and screen worn, complete with coat and accessories.
A black dress, nylon and wool mix fabric with a white cotton floral motif collar and matching cuffs, hook and eye fastenings to back, a white cotton pinafore, and a white cotton apron, with shaped top and floral motif. The grey coat has a round collar, plus a wine coloured bobble hat, a pair of plum coloured leather gloves and a brown handbag.