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Freema Agyeman’s costume (Human Nature/Family of Blood, 2007)


The script required Freema’s character to pose as a maid in a school and resulted in this maid costume from costume designer Louise Page. On the episode commentary Freema said that “It was nice to do these episodes because I got to wear a completely different costume” clarifying  that “The clothes were really loose and comfortable”.

Freema Agyeman’s costume (Human Nature/Family of Blood, 2007)


Freema’s maid costume, original and screen worn, complete with coat and accessories.
A black dress, nylon and wool mix fabric with a white cotton floral motif collar and matching cuffs, hook and eye fastenings to back, a white cotton pinafore, and a white cotton apron, with shaped top and floral motif. The grey coat has a round collar, plus a wine coloured bobble hat, a pair of plum coloured leather gloves and a brown handbag.