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Replica 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

This is a replica of the sonic screwdriver prop used by 10th Doctor David Tennant. Made from the original moulds by Millennium FX, who provided items for the show’s production, it has the same weight and feel of the original props.



The colourisation on the crackle effect is slightly more yellow than those used on screen. However, for the 50th anniversary special ‘The Day of the Doctor‘ it was one of these prop replicas which was used during the production. This makes this particular prop 100% screen accurate and from the same production run as that used on screen during the biggest episode in the show’s history.

Sinead Michael’s costume (Sky, 2011)

IMG_6309Original costume as worn by Sinead Michael in her debut story of the Sarah Jane Adventures, ‘Sky‘. The first story of series 5 introduces the character of Sky and was an attempt to appeal to younger viewers once again by featuring a younger member of the Bannerman Road crew.

The costume consists of a pair of three-quarter length mid-blue jeans labelled Gap, a peach and blue striped t-shirt, a khaki hooded jacket.

IMG_6307Also as part of the costume Sinead wore a pair of navy blue converse trainers with grey and red stripped socks which are also in the collection.

IMG_6308In fact 3 pairs of identical grey and red stripped socks are included! Which pairs were actually worn by Sinead is unknown.




Anjli Mohindra’s costume from ‘The Mad Woman in the Attic’ (2009)


Anjili Mohindra played the character of Rani Chandra in the Sarah Jane Adventures, debuting in the second episode of series 2 through till the end of the series in 2011. This is the original costume worn in the episode ‘The Mad Woman in the Attic‘, the majority of which was filmed on location in Barry Island in May 2009.

The costume consists of a long sleeved pink and light grey patterned top and a pair of black skinny jeans. During the episode it was also teamed with a dark blue denim jacket which also came into our collection along with an additional top and jeans.

The same top and jeans were worn by Anjili in a couple of scenes of the episode ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith‘, specifically the scene in which Sarah tells the group of her impending wedding. This time it was paired with a light blue denim jacket, which was worn in multiple episodes.

IMG_6304Also included in the collection are the converse trainers worn by Anjili which are grey plaid patterned hi-tops.


Yasmin Paige’s costume (Eye of the Gorgon, 2007)


This complete costume was worn by Yasmin Paige, who played Maria Jackson a young girl who lived across the road from Sarah Jane Smith on Bannerman Road and became swept up with her adventures. The costume includes a dark blue denim jacket, a red and grey smock top worn over a grey short-sleeved t-shirt and Lee denim cropped jeans. This outfit was worn in the series 1 story ‘Eye of the Gorgon‘, notable for the cliffhanger when Maria’s Dad gets turned to stone by the Gorgon and Maria using her mirror to save the day.

The costume was also worn by Yasmin in the CBBC trailers used to promote the new series.

IMG_6298Also included is a watch, heart pendant necklace and black and pink rubber bracelets worn by Yasmin during the episode, rare for these accessories to still be with the orginial costume, making them a welcome addition to the collection.

Yasmin also appeared to wear the jacket again in the stories, ‘Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane’ and ‘The Lost Boy’.

John Barrowman’s costume (They Keep Killing Suzie/Out of Time, 2006)


One of television’s most popular characters Capt. Jack Harkness, played by the incredibly talented John Barrowman, rightly got his own show in 2006, Torchwood. Set in Cardiff, it was a more adult show, something which had not really been seen before and showcased Wales to the world.

IMG_6312Worn by John Barrowman this costume comprises a green cotton shirt, a white Ralph Lauren t-shirt, and brown wool trousers. The label attached by Angels, the costumier used by the production, is inscribed ‘John Barrowman, April ’06‘, demonstrating its authenticityThis costume featured predominately in the Torchwood series 1 episode, ‘They Keep Killing Susie‘ where it was teamed with the red braces but also appeared in a few scenes in ‘Out of Time‘ this time teamed with the light grey braces. It also featured in the pre-title sequence for Series 2 which used two short snippets from ‘They Keep Killing Suzie‘.

IMG_8724It is a rare shirt as the character is more commonly associated with wearing light or dark blue/navy shirts so it is great to have it as part of the exhibition.

Elisabeth Sladen’s costume (The Last Sontaran, 2008)


Seen during the opening scene of Series 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures debut episode ‘The Last Sontaran‘ this costume was worn by the late, great Elisabeth Sladen who played the iconic companion Sarah Jane Smith. It is a lovely scene in which Sarah describes the virtues of the universe to Maria, whilst looking up at the stars from the attic.

Consisting of a beige blouse with white pinstripe and a black pencil skirt, it is a rarer costume as during the series Sarah would more often wear a practical costume consisting of trousers and a shirt combination.

Eve Myles’ costume (End of Days, 2007)


Worn by Eve Myles throughout the series finale of Torchwood Series 1 ‘End of Days‘ this original part costume consists of a black jacket from Diesel with brass buttons and a purple jersey top which has some subtle detail. The same jacket and top is worn throughout the episode, right up until the final shot of the episode and the series in the Torchwood Hub.


The series debuted on BBC3 in late October 2006, achieving the highest ratings for the channel at that time. The finale was then broadcast on January 1st 2007 and following it’s successful run the show was recommissioned for a second series the following year.

Freema Agyeman’s costume (Human Nature/Family of Blood, 2007)


Also included in the collection is Freema’s gloves, bag and boots, all used during the course of filming. It is rare to get a costume as complete as this one with all the appropriate accessories from the same episode.


The story is widely regarded as one of the best stories of the modern era, coming 9th out of 241 in Doctor Who Magazine’s 2014 vote, so it is with real pride that we can display this original piece from such a popular episode.