John Barrowman’s costume (They Keep Killing Suzie/Out of Time, 2006)


One of television’s most popular characters Capt. Jack Harkness, played by the incredibly talented John Barrowman, rightly got his own show in 2006, Torchwood. Set in Cardiff, it was a more adult show, something which had not really been seen before and showcased Wales to the world.

IMG_6312Worn by John Barrowman this costume comprises a green cotton shirt, a white Ralph Lauren t-shirt, and brown wool trousers. The label attached by Angels, the costumier used by the production, is inscribed ‘John Barrowman, April ’06‘, demonstrating its authenticityThis costume featured predominately in the Torchwood series 1 episode, ‘They Keep Killing Susie‘ where it was teamed with the red braces but also appeared in a few scenes in ‘Out of Time‘ this time teamed with the light grey braces. It also featured in the pre-title sequence for Series 2 which used two short snippets from ‘They Keep Killing Suzie‘.

IMG_8724It is a rare shirt as the character is more commonly associated with wearing light or dark blue/navy shirts so it is great to have it as part of the exhibition.

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