Yasmin Paige’s costume (Eye of the Gorgon, 2007)


This complete costume was worn by Yasmin Paige, who played Maria Jackson a young girl who lived across the road from Sarah Jane Smith on Bannerman Road and became swept up with her adventures. The costume includes a dark blue denim jacket, a red and grey smock top worn over a grey short-sleeved t-shirt and Lee denim cropped jeans. This outfit was worn in the series 1 story ‘Eye of the Gorgon‘, notable for the cliffhanger when Maria’s Dad gets turned to stone by the Gorgon and Maria using her mirror to save the day.

The costume was also worn by Yasmin in the CBBC trailers used to promote the new series.

IMG_6298Also included is a watch, heart pendant necklace and black and pink rubber bracelets worn by Yasmin during the episode, rare for these accessories to still be with the orginial costume, making them a welcome addition to the collection.

Yasmin also appeared to wear the jacket again in the stories, ‘Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane’ and ‘The Lost Boy’.

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