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Tommy Knight’s costume (Eye of the Gorgon, 2007)


This costume was worn by Tommy Knight in the first series of the Sarah Jane Adventures for the story, ‘Eye of the Gorgon‘.


The costume is made up of a lilac t-shirt and brown Gap bootcut corduroy trousers which were teamed with a denim jacket during the story.


An interesting feature in the detail on the trousers, which demonstrates the authenticity, is the BBC costume stock number and the handwritten Luke on the label.


Curiously both the t-shirt and the trousers have had simulated dirt added to them for reasons we are not sure about. A similar t-shirt was also worn by Tommy Knight during the Series 2 story ‘The Last Sontaran‘, which is also in our collection this time, but was teamed with a pair of denim jeans.

Tommy Knight’s jacket (Warriors of Kudlak, 2007)


This jacket was worn by Tommy Knight in the first series of the Sarah Jane Adventures in the story ‘Warriors of Kudlak‘.

The episode was filmed in a variety of locations in June and July 2007. Notable locations in which the jacket can be identified include Womanby street and Evolution night club in the Red Dragon Centre, Cardiff Bay. The street scenes saw Clwb Ifor Bach used for the Combat 3000 exterior and Evolution allowed the production team to create the interiors for Combat 3000.

Tommy Knight also appears to have worn the same jacket for the scenes filmed at the New Theatre for ‘Secrets of the Stars‘ (2008) over a plain red t-shirt.

Sinead Michael’s costume (The Curse of Clyde Langer, 2011)

IMG_8323This complete school uniform costume was worn by Sinead Michael in The Curse of Clyde Langer. The black tie with red and grey stripes tie is worn by pupils of Cardiff High School, Roath in South Wales, which doubled for Park Vale School, where crowd school scenes would often be filmed and had been since 2007.

IMG_8324In addition to the black trousers, white cotton shirt and white vest top, we also have black ‘Marks and Spencer’ pumps (size 2 1/2), black  ‘Next’ ankle socks and a black hooded sweatshirt worn by Sinead during the episode.

Angus Wright’s costume – ‘The Vault of Secrets’ (2010)

Mr Dread_The Vault of SecretsThe mysterious character ‘Mr Dread’, played by Angus Wright, appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures series 4 story, ‘The Vault of Secrets‘. An android, with a left hand that could be removed and replaced by a weapon capable of incineration, he was an instrument of ‘the Alliance of Shades’, an alien initiative designed to prevent human beings from becoming aware of extra-terrestrial life by wiping their memories.

Shots of ‘Mr Dread’ in this costume also appeared in the title sequence for series 4.

Our collection possesses not one but TWO identical black two-piece Hugo Boss black wool suits used during the filming of the episode. To complete the look the costume includes two white cotton ‘Marks & Spencer’ shirts, a black tie and two pairs of knotted black cufflinks together with a pair of black ‘Marks & Spencer’ leather boots and a belt. The costume came with original BBC stock number labels but also in one of the pockets we found a tissue!

Elisabeth Sladen’s costume (The Gift, 2009)


Worn by Elisabeth Sladen during the final scene of ‘The Gift’, the finale to the third series of the Sarah Jane Adventures, this costume comprises a pink/white loose fit blouse, with pink and white spotted vest and blue French Connection jeans. It features in a lovely scene, filmed on Friday 3rd July 2009, in which Sarah Jane Smith, Rani, Clyde, Luke and K9 enjoy a barbecue whilst explaining that “there’s nothing more important than friendship”.

Sinead Michael’s costume (Sky, 2011)

IMG_6309Original costume as worn by Sinead Michael in her debut story of the Sarah Jane Adventures, ‘Sky‘. The first story of series 5 introduces the character of Sky and was an attempt to appeal to younger viewers once again by featuring a younger member of the Bannerman Road crew.

The costume consists of a pair of three-quarter length mid-blue jeans labelled Gap, a peach and blue striped t-shirt, a khaki hooded jacket.

IMG_6307Also as part of the costume Sinead wore a pair of navy blue converse trainers with grey and red stripped socks which are also in the collection.

IMG_6308In fact 3 pairs of identical grey and red stripped socks are included! Which pairs were actually worn by Sinead is unknown.




Anjli Mohindra’s costume from ‘The Mad Woman in the Attic’ (2009)


Anjili Mohindra played the character of Rani Chandra in the Sarah Jane Adventures, debuting in the second episode of series 2 through till the end of the series in 2011. This is the original costume worn in the episode ‘The Mad Woman in the Attic‘, the majority of which was filmed on location in Barry Island in May 2009.

The costume consists of a long sleeved pink and light grey patterned top and a pair of black skinny jeans. During the episode it was also teamed with a dark blue denim jacket which also came into our collection along with an additional top and jeans.

The same top and jeans were worn by Anjili in a couple of scenes of the episode ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith‘, specifically the scene in which Sarah tells the group of her impending wedding. This time it was paired with a light blue denim jacket, which was worn in multiple episodes.

IMG_6304Also included in the collection are the converse trainers worn by Anjili which are grey plaid patterned hi-tops.


Yasmin Paige’s costume (Eye of the Gorgon, 2007)


This complete costume was worn by Yasmin Paige, who played Maria Jackson a young girl who lived across the road from Sarah Jane Smith on Bannerman Road and became swept up with her adventures. The costume includes a dark blue denim jacket, a red and grey smock top worn over a grey short-sleeved t-shirt and Lee denim cropped jeans. This outfit was worn in the series 1 story ‘Eye of the Gorgon‘, notable for the cliffhanger when Maria’s Dad gets turned to stone by the Gorgon and Maria using her mirror to save the day.

The costume was also worn by Yasmin in the CBBC trailers used to promote the new series.

IMG_6298Also included is a watch, heart pendant necklace and black and pink rubber bracelets worn by Yasmin during the episode, rare for these accessories to still be with the orginial costume, making them a welcome addition to the collection.

Yasmin also appeared to wear the jacket again in the stories, ‘Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane’ and ‘The Lost Boy’.

Elisabeth Sladen’s costume (The Last Sontaran, 2008)


Seen during the opening scene of Series 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures debut episode ‘The Last Sontaran‘ this costume was worn by the late, great Elisabeth Sladen who played the iconic companion Sarah Jane Smith. It is a lovely scene in which Sarah describes the virtues of the universe to Maria, whilst looking up at the stars from the attic.

Consisting of a beige blouse with white pinstripe and a black pencil skirt, it is a rarer costume as during the series Sarah would more often wear a practical costume consisting of trousers and a shirt combination.